onsdag 23 juni 2010

Snus recipes of Premium Tobacco powder (FixaEget)

In order to produce snus as this recipe, you need the following ingredients purchased


500g Tobacco Mixture
28g salt
22g Sodium carbonate
80/50g glycerol/Propylene

Good to have
Oven (80-85 degrees)
Glass Shape (1.5 liters)
Household Assistant
Plastic film
Oven thermometer

Good to know
The strength of snus is determined by amount of sodium carbonate, 22 grams gives a typically strong snus

Do you want a more or less hug
apparent snus , increasing or
decrease with glycerol.

Snus is improved by some days' storage

Day 1
1. Boil 5dl water and dissolve the salt
2. Mix thoroughly with tobacco salt water *
3. Cover with plastic lm
4. Bake in oven 24 hours, 80-85 degrees
40 hours makes snu something rounder in taste
* Mixture should be done with household assistant,
recommended to get a smoother and consistent
embrace sustainability.

Day 2
1. Remove snu mass, cool of in an hour
2. Boil 2.5 dl water
3. Dissolve the sodium carbonate in water (hand blender)
4. Mix the water thoroughly in sodium snu mass *
5. Add the glycerol / propylene glycol, mix well *
You can now also spice up your snu
6. Let snu mass rest in refrigerator 1 days
7. Package and store your snu in the freezer or refrigerator
Provides approx. 1.3 kg finished snus

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